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My big goal this year is to write and self-publish a book. It’s been in the making for a long time! Currently titled Live Life Gently - Change the World, the main themes are the stages we travel through the Essence Map and how they tie in with the current global pivotal moment.

I’m writing the book in serialised format on Substack with extra options to join a webinar and receive the PDF and workbook.

I’m now at 490 subscribers on Medium and my writing has generated income over the past 3 months. My top posts are about tech and tools, especially Obsidian.

As well as serialising my book on Substack, I’m sharing creative writing, fiction, essays and behind the scenes of our life in Derbyshire.

I’ve started a new Substack publication called Finding Flow where I lift the lid on my writing process.

I’m working on grouping all my writing in one place. I may or may not take down A Gentler Pace.


I offer 1:1 mentoring including one off sessions and an 8 week programme. I work with sole traders and small businesses helping them with their business strategy, online presence, social media and website creation.


Although we had a garden season last year, I didn’t manage to cultivate more than annuals in pots. Our lawn was laid on the clay soil and failed twice. It looked nice for a couple of months and then deteriorated. In early Spring, with the lawn a black mess, we put down gravel. This has transformed the garden into, what Chris calls, a courtyard garden. Some of the shrubs I did plant last year are going well. There are roses, hellebores and a verbena.

I’m growing mainly from seed or plug plants. The top soil is not very deep, and below that is solid clay. I grew some Lavender Hilcote and those plants are along the edge of the border. I’ve sown Love in a Mist (four varieties), Poppies and wild flowers.

My pots are planted with a mix of annual and perennials. The hanging baskets are planted up.

This week we erected an arch and put up a bench. These sit in our new sitooterie, a tiny space in front of the potting shed door. It’s all starting to come together.

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Last update: 2022-05-17

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